The GlitchKawaii Videoblog In Your Screen, About The Fairs Of Videoart And Gifs In Loop

Hi, here GlitchKawaii from Barcelona. Through my screen, I am going to explain you how to get success in the world of Videoart. You only need to take care about few basic things, if you don’t want to get in a loop. To exceed your expectations you don’t need so much talent, you only need MONEY. If you want to see your work exposed in any fair is easy as to buy your own space. At this point, the art galleries become screen partners of artists shaping into something brand new. Then if you want to enter into these circuits, don’t waste your time trying to improve your skills or talents, either your studies, cause it’s completely useless, at least you have money. Then, don’t get frustrated if you get into a loop, in the next fair or festival of videoart, if you see pieces of shame treaten as master pieces, don’t get surprised, or also if these ones are being sold for an overdose prize. The reason is flawless, the gallerist has bought his own space in the aforementioned fair to play his piece in a screen on loop during the whole festival. And this strategy, combined with a good marketing strategy in the social media, get the piece revalued, only to sell it to any art collector, who will speculate with it. Sometimes, the gallerist buys his own piece, throught other channels, just only to avoid that the piece becomes devaluated.

Once we get to this point, where crisis has arrived to everywhere and sectors, fairs and festivals, and bubbles has burst, we need to wonder, before to get the next loop again, that is quite absurd, if we need to find alternative ways in order to remove this kind of capitalist way, to avoid to fall into this trap, to get new distribution ways out of the screen, and find the right direction, where the piece is the main thing and not the money you have…

Hope you find this info usefull. Glad to see you next time with more stuff. Regards from my screen in Barcelona.


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